Wednesday, September 30

New Auxiliary/Veil Releases

Brand new from Auxiliary, Sam KDC's ambient album, entitled Late Night Innominate, Volume One.  6 untitled tracks spanning 1 12" vinyl and also available digitally.  Late Night Innominate will be a new series from Auxiliary offering our take on ambient music over a long player format on vinyl and digital only.  Pre-order here:

Also available to pre-order right now is a brand new release from ASCBinary System offers four tracks that have been doing the rounds over the last year on several mixes and Auxcasts.  This one is the first Veil release outside of the Veil/Unveil series in over two years.  Pre-order here:

Monday, August 24

Grey Area, Podcast One

Grey Area Podcast One is now available. Download from:

Samurai Music Group

Grey Area is a collaborative label between Auxiliary and Samurai, with the accompanying podcast focusing on the 'Grey Area' sound. Podcast One includes mixes from myself, Sam KDC, Presha, and a discussion with us all about the music we are pushing and our thoughts.

There's a lot of information about what Grey Area is all about contained in the discussions on the podcast, so I won't say much more and let you take it all in.


Tuesday, August 18

AUXCD008 - Synth Sense - Perfect Symmetry

Synth Sense's long anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Tomorrow's World' is now available to pre-order.  Available on limited edition CD and digital, 'Perfect Symmetry' boasts an impressive 20 tracks.

Pre-order now:

Release date is set for 18th Sept 2015 for digital, however you may get your CD earlier, depending when stock arrives at the SMG store.

Tuesday, July 21

Vaccine white label

New release from Vaccine on a 200 copies limited edition white label vinyl only release. No digital available for obvious reasons.  Available here:

Friday, July 10


Since it's been a while and I have been kinda neglecting this blog, I figured it might be a good time to let you all know that things are happening and what you can look forward to.

First of all, last week I announced me and Presha were teaming up for a new collaborative record label called Grey Area.  The ethos of the label revolves around the music both myself and Geoff have been pushing with our respective labels.  Geoff spoke at length and gave his thoughts on this so called Grey Area and what he meant by the term over at Tea and Techno.  If you missed that, you can read the whole thing here  There's also a mix to accompany the interview which will give you a fleeting idea of what the project will entail.  First release is under way right now and we'll have more news on it as soon as we have test presses and a release date.

So onto Auxiliary and all it's related labels...  It's been pretty quiet this year, save for Veil/Unveil Issue Three and the vinyl reissue of Kiyoko's Sea Of Trees, so just to whet your appetite, there is another Auxiliary vinyl LP and another Veil 12" in the works right now.  Test presses are due for both very soon, so we'll announce artists/tracks/audio and no doubt pre-order links before you know it.

Auxcast...  it's kinda been put on the backburner for a while, due to the small matter of my album Imagine The Future coming out and various other commitments.  I'm in the process of collecting tracks to put one together very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What else?  Well there's plenty more, but I don't want to get ahead of myself and reveal too much just yet, as there's nothing worse than waiting for something then to be told it's been delayed and then again and again, so I guess we'll drop it on you nearer the time and there will be surprises galore.  Until then, if you haven't already grabbed yourself the latest Auxiliary releases or even a t-shirt or a hooded top, then head over to our store and grab yourself some presents.

Samurai Music Group - Auxiliary Store

Saturday, June 13

Imagine The Future (Round Up)

My latest album, entitled 'Imagine The Future', is available on 3x12" vinyl, CD and digital now.  I figured it would be a good time to round up a bunch of links for those of you who haven't yet purchased it.

Friday, May 8

[Pre-order] - Imagine The Future

OK, here we go... Pre-orders now available for my new album, Imagine The Future. There's quite a few exclusives for ordering from the Samurai store, so head over and take your pick and have a listen to the previews.

Click here to pre-order now:

The album is available on 3 x 12" vinyl, CD and download. The exclusive bundles from the Samurai store include t-shirt, insert print (limited to 100) and sticker that won't be available elsewhere.
I hope you all enjoy this album and support it like you've done with all my previous work.

Thursday, April 30

Imagine The Future

Pre-orders will be available next week and the release date has been set for June 8th.

For more info, click here

Wednesday, April 22

AUXLP001 - Kiyoko - Sea Of Trees

Pre-orders are now available for the limited edition vinyl reissue of Kiyoko's debut LP, Sea Of Trees.  The album originally came out on CD in 2012.  Since then, we've seen increasing demand for the album to be reissued on vinyl, so now's your chance to own a copy.

Pre-order here:

Wednesday, April 15

36 - Deep Space Mix 26

I'm pleased to welcome another guest to the Deep Space Mix series.  No. 26 comes from a UK ambient producer that should need no introduction for those of you heavily into ambient music.  Dennis Huddleston, better known as '36' (pronounced three six) is the man behind this mix.  In true Deep Space fashion, it keeps the beats to a bare minimum and delivers music to drift off to.  Without further ado, go ahead and click the link below.


For previous Deep Space mixes, check here.

Sunday, March 29

Veil/Unveil - Issue Three

Issue three of our highly acclaimed Veil/Unveil series is upon us.  If you made your pre-order already, chances are you are sitting at home listening to the glorious purple/clear wax going around on your turntable and bathing in oceans of sub bass.  If not, then don't despair.  You can grab yourself a copy here:

You can listen at the store or if you are into Soundcloud, we've got you covered too.

Finally, you can also grab it digitally from our Bandcamp site:

Thursday, March 5

Auxcast:Phase Three - Episode Three

Click the picture or the link on the menu to the left.

Tuesday, March 3

Auxiliary teams up with Samurai

No doubt by now, you've all noticed the close friendship that exists between the Samurai labels, Auxiliary, and it's artists.  We're very much invested in furthering the boundaries of this music and going deeper into these grey areas we've created. When Presha asked me to bring Auxiliary and related labels on board, it was a no-brainer.

I'm pleased to announce that from now on, all Auxiliary / Veil / Diode releases will be sold and distributed by Samurai Music Group.  You'll be able to buy all of our new releases from the store and any of our back catalogue stock we still have left.  Click on the image on the left to pre-order your Veil/Unveil - Issue Three vinyl.

If you haven't already checked it out, go and have a look now: - It's kinda like the new Surus, but with better curation - but we would say that, wouldn't we? ;)