Wednesday, May 18

Grey Area, Volume Four

Grey Area, Volume Four now in stock (early) and shipping.

Sunday, May 8

isolatedmix 45 Track Listing

Track list for the mix I did for ASIP's isolatedmix series back in May 2014. Many of these tracks never came out and a few people wanted to know what got played, so here you go.

01 - ASC - Sign Of The Times [Unreleased]
02 - Sam KDC - Untitled #5 (Late Night Innominate, Volume One) [Auxiliary]
03 - Nopast - Unknown Space Blues [Unreleased]
04 - Imagination Network - File #2 (Excerpt) [Unreleased]
05 - ASC - The Widening Mire (Truth Be Told) [Silent Season]
06 - Synth Sense - Lone Figure In The Distance (Perfect Symmetry) [Auxiliary]
07 - Synth Sense - Test Pattern [Unreleased]
08 - Synth Sense - Absorb The Trauma (Perfect Symmetry) [Auxiliary]
09 - ASC - I Share My Secrets With You (Time Heals All) [Silent Season]
10 - ASC - Carrier Signal [Unreleased]
11 - ASC - Scattered Mind [Unreleased]
12 - ASC - Oversight [Unreleased]
13 - ASC - Soft Light [Unreleased]
14 - ASC - Monsoon (Binary System) [Veil]
15 - Sam KDC - Vessel (The Order & The Entity) [Auxiliary]
16 - ASC - Sphaera (Binary System) [Veil]

If you missed the mix first time around, then it's still available here

Saturday, April 30

Unreleased Mindspan album

While digging through the studio archives late last night, I came upon a concept for a third Mindspan album that I'd put together back in 2012. Due to other projects and time constraints, it kinda got forgotten about and never came out. I decided that I'd set up a new Bandcamp page especially for things like this - i.e self-released stuff not tied to Auxiliary in any way. I plan to use it to release film scores and video game soundtracks that I've done recently too. More news upon release of those specific things, though.

Anyway, if you'd like to support me and buy a copy of this album, it'll be exclusively available at my new Bandcamp page here:

Bookmark the page and/or follow it on Bandcamp, if you do the whole fan page thing to track your music on there.

Tuesday, March 1


Experimental ambient soundscapes from Sam, this time around in the form of a cassette and digital release.  We're a big fan of cassettes and decided to make a few projects especially for the format, with Sam's album here being the first.  It features 11 abstract ambient tracks that are more in line with Sam's work on AUX011 & 012, than his lighter sounding Late Night Innominate release.  Something a little bit sinister, mystic, yet atmospheric and inviting on this tape.  Explore KVLTVR.

Give it a listen here:
Pre-order here:

Saturday, February 27

An advocation for alternative synthesis

Over the last 10 years or so, the revival in hardware synthesizers has been somewhat meteoric. As a lover of all thing synthesis and hardware, this has been incredible.  The choices a musician has now are verging on overwhelming, especially when you factor in the second hand market for vintage gear too.  There's one thing that's kinda irking me though... and that's the fact that every new synth that comes out these days is usually a subtractive analog.  Don't get me wrong, I love analog just as much as the next guy, but when every company is getting on the monophonic analog synth game, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

I refuse to be brainwashed by common opinion that 'you must buy analog', or that  'analog is the best' etc. Quite simply, that is bullshit. Analog definitely serves it's purpose, but the amount of times I wind up shaking my head reading things from people saying that they would only buy analog gear and not use anything else, is just mind blowing. Digital synths seem to have this stigma surrounding them, like you are just as bad as those filthy peasants using VST's!  Heathens!  Of course, you should all know that I'm a big supporter of ANYTHING that sounds good and serves a purpose... but yeah, on with this rant, since I'm building a head of steam here :)

I've got a good number of analog gear in my studio that I love and swear by, but as you're probably aware by now, I write music with deep atmospherics.  The kind that FM synths like the DX series are capable of, or weird alien landscapes that the JD-800 can only do. I can't help but feel that people are missing out on a whole new world of possibilities by limiting themselves to strictly analog hardware. But the other side of the coin is companies not producing digital synths due to the overwhelming seeming demand for analog gear, caused by these very people that shun the beautiful pristine sounds of the DX7 or the D-50. Another point to consider is there's software like FM8 that can do super complex FM, sounds somewhat decent, and would always be a damn sight cheaper than a hardware version! But I digress...

So while everyone pines over the new Moog Mother 32, or the new DSI OB-6 (both of which are fantastic synths, don't get me wrong!), I'll be sat here praying to Yamaha for a new 6 or 8-op FM-X synth, that doesn't have all the Montage bells and whistles that I don't particularly need. You know what would be even better?  Dave Smith resurrecting the old Prophet VS technology, or Korg doing a new Wavestation.  Bring back vector synthesis!  Hell, someone make a new shit hot granular synth or a new wavetable unit!  Until then, keep your mind open people, and buy hardware based on how it sounds and what it can do for you, rather than if it's signal path is 100% analog.

Saturday, February 13

Space Echo

Available now from all good stores.  Buy direct from Samurai Music Group and get free WAV's with your purchase.


Prices reduced on our Bandcamp to match those of iTunes. 60% discount when buying the full discography (58 releases).

Thursday, February 11

Grey Area, Podcast Two

Grey Area, Podcast Two.  Featuring three mixes segued together in this order: 1: Sam KDC, 2: ASC, 3: Presha.

For those of you subscribed on iTunes, it should be already with you.  Everyone else, you can grab it from Soundcloud here, or click on the Grey Area page on the navigation panel on the left hand side and download it directly from us.

Tuesday, January 26

AUX012 - Sam KDC - Feb 12th

AUX012 - Sam KDC - Law Of The Trapezoid
Available on vinyl / digital - February 12th.

Buy vinyl - Samurai Music
Buy digital - Bandcamp / Samurai Music

Monday, January 25

New Central Industrial album coming soon

A taste of the new cyberpunk aural excursion from the anonymous production outfit known as Central Industrial.  Forthcoming on CD/digital.  Catalogue number AUXCD009.

Monday, January 18

Breaching The Void

Sam KDC launches Breaching The Void

It will feature four mixes which will be spaced out over the coming months.  The first one is available to download now.  Also added it to the side bar navigation for those that miss this post or find it late.  As to be expected with our current style and sound, it's an eclectic mix that holds no punches and sits comfortably in between genres.

Wednesday, January 13


I figured it would be a good idea to get a post down to kick things off for this new year, so here we go.