Thursday, November 10

New releases

AUXCD010 - Sam KDC - Cycles of Perspective


HOROEX2 - ASC - Geocentric Systems


Friday, October 28

Tuesday, September 20

AUX015 - ASC / AUX016 - Acronym

Two new releases forthcoming on Auxiliary that are now available to pre-order. First up is a new offering from myself and secondly we welcome Acronym to the Auxiliary stable.  Have a listen here:

Pre-order here:

Tuesday, September 6

Saturday, August 27

Colours Fade

I decided to put together two compilations of tracks written between 2011 and 2012 mainly. That specific time was very rich in creativity for me and resulted in a lot of music being made. Unfortunately, not everything I write can come out.  This is sometimes a good thing, as it weeds out the tracks that perhaps aren't as good as others, but this period was different I felt. Upon listening to the tracks presented in these compilations, you'll hear the standard and quality is on par with pretty much everything that I released around that time.  I lovingly went through my hard drive and selected 8 tracks per volume that I felt would make a cohesive listen, as well as presenting them in the best manner. So without saying too much more, go and buy them both here:

ASC Bandcamp

Friday, August 26

Auxcast:Phase Three - Episode Six

Click the 'Auxcast' link in the Pages section on the left for download links. iTunes subscribers, it'll be up ASAP.

Sunday, August 21

DPC latency

The main reason for this post is to share a solution to a problem that others out there may be experiencing also.

Recently, I started to get audio crackles and pops when using certain programs. I couldn't figure it out, and it was starting to drive me crazy.  Initially, I thought it might be related to IRQ conflicts, as I had an EVGA GTX 770 video card sharing the same IRQ as one of my RME Multiface units and an Intel controller on the motherboard. Upon further research, I realised that hasn't really been a thing since Windows XP, so time to turn my attention elsehwere.  Further down the rabbit hole, I find out about DPC timing and latency issues.  I grabbed a bunch of programs, but the main one I used was DPCLat, as this shows a regular interval of spikes in timing.  Another program I should mention was LatencyMon, which lists the offending drivers causing the issues.

So it turned out I was barking up the right tree with the IRQ conflict, when it turned out that the Nvidia drivers for the video card were causing DPC spikes around 1000-1500 micro seconds at every interval recorded.  I removed the driver in device manager and chose the Microsoft display adapter just to test the issue.  DPC timing when down to a steady 9 micro seconds!  I opened up Renoise and tested out something I'd been working on that had produced these audio crackles and artifacts, and was overjoyed when I couldn't reproduce them, but the DPC was still higher than it should be.  Turns out disabling the network adapter solved this issue and everything was running smoothly. Problem now was that I could only run one screen at a time using the Microsoft driver. Time to fix that issue by putting the previous video card I was using before the Nvidia.

Originally, I was using an old Radeon HD 6750 in this new machine, as all I needed was something that could run two DVI monitors and a third via an active display port adapter.  I didn't need anything too powerful since this machine was solely going to be used for music. I got the audio issues when I had the Radeon HD 6750 installed, which led me to swap it out for the GTX 770 I'd just replaced in my net/gaming machine with a lovely new GTX 1080 (woo!).  I uninstalled all the AMD drivers before I installed the GTX 770 and then uninstalled all the Nvidia drivers before going back to this.  Upon restart, Windows 10 picked up all three monitors and booted into the OS with no display issues, which I thought was strange, as usualy you'd have to go and set it all up again with downloading drivers.  I checked device manager and under display adapter, it said AMD Radeon HD 6750.  So I'm guessing that either Windows didn't uninstall EVERYTHING when running the AMD uninstaller program, or it rolled back to a driver that had been used previously. So now, none of the Catalyst Control Centre software or any of the other stuff that comes with the AMD driver installer is on the machine and I'm having no more issues, so I can only think that something that got installed with that package was causing the issue in the first place. It's also worth noting that now this is all working, there's nothing sharing an IRQ with either of the RME Multiface's installed on the machine, via their PCI cards. 

Anyway, I'm not touching any of the drivers or updating them from here on out!  Hope this helped anyone who's been scratching their heads over something similar.

Tuesday, August 2

Near Death

I got a message from Kent at Orthogonal Games initially asking me how he would go about licensing some of my music from Time Heals All and Truth Be Told, to name a few. The discussion then changed to the possibility of me providing a brand new score especially for the game. I'd never done a video game score before, but I'd just recently finished 3 film scores, so I jumped at the chance to be involved. Today marked the release of this game. It's called Near Death and you play as a survivor of a plane crash on a remote research base in the Antarctic. The premise of the game is to survive the condition 1 storm and the elements and live long enough to make your escape. It's a fantasticly brutal game, especially when you turn the hints off and try and fend for yourself! I'm delighted to have worked on this and I'd love it if you all went and bought a copy of it (with the DLC soundtrack, of course hehe) and let me know what you think at some point.

Links to buy the game are all here:

Not a gamer? I've got you covered too:

Sunday, July 24

The Blackout Experiments

So here's the first release of some of my recent film score work.  The Blackout Experiments is out now at selected theatres across the US and also available on several on-demand sites, including iTunes and Google Play.  More info here:

Tuesday, July 19

Wednesday, July 13

Auxcast:Phase Three - Episode Five

Click the Auxcast link in the 'pages' tab to download.

Friday, June 10

Monday, June 6

Comit 7"

So a few years back, I wrote this bunch of tunes with the idea of releasing them under my ASC guise, but I ran into the problem that my releases under that name are always slightly behind what I'm currently working on.  This means by the time you've bought the latest 12", I'm already working on the next evolution of the ASC sound.  It hasn't always been this way, but since late 2013, I seem to be breaking new ground and not really hanging about in one spot too much.  This obviously leaves the problem of having a whole bunch of tunes that no longer fit in with the direction of where I see the ASC sound going.

I'd said a while back in a feature for Resident Advisor that I was done with aliases and that I didn't see the point in them anymore.  While that's true for the most part, I felt it necessary to create one for to release a different vibe to the current ASC stuff.  Why not just release it all under one name, you ask?  I could very well do that, but I think that sends the wrong message.  I don't really want people to think, 'He's gone back to this sound' or whatever, when in reality, it might well be a one-off release in a certain vibe.  So that's where Comit comes in.  A new project that I'll use to release a more musical/synth oriented/IDM/whatever.. type of music.  Where it will lead, I'm not sure, so just enjoy the ride for now.

Oh yeah, finally I should just say that Comit should be pronounced (or thought of) like comet, not like commit, if that actually matters at all.

Audio preview:

Thursday, May 26

New studio PC build

I finally decided to take the plunge and build a new PC for my studio. My now previous machine is about five years old now, and it's specs, while not terrible, could be a lot better by todays standards.  I found that running resource-heavy plugins in Renoise, was maxing out CPU usage within no time at all. Aside from that, I was running an old Biostar motherboard that had no USB 3.0 on it.  I was getting all kinds of electro-magnetic interference from this machine and it was driving me mad.  All kinds of things were causing issues, such as moving the mouse, opening a program, accessing the hard drive etc. Doing any of these would cause EMI over audio from the machine and could be heard on my monitors.  I'd tried a bunch of things to combat this issue, such as different plugs, grounding, running as many of the main things in the studio from the same wall socket junction.  The only thing that helped, albeit very slightly, was buying a bunch of clip on ferrite core rings for the USB cables.  I'd read that poor quality USB cables caused issues too and replaced all those with 22AWG shielded, but that didn't fully solve this issue.  Certain units such as the MOTU Midi Express 128, MOTU Micro Lite and the Korg SQ-1, all added even more EMI when plugged in, no matter what type of cable.  Seriously frustrating. Anyway, back to this new computer build...